The AVAPTECH SOLUTION IS A rapidly growing and leading Software Development Company in Chandigarh (India) specialized in the high-end customized solution for software development, web development, website designing, and mobile application development. We serve for your business to be successful. The team of Avaptech consists of personnel with more than 15 years of experience in the field of Development. The following features are our strength towards the success of a project.

Team Work

Teamwork is a vital part of any company or organization, Creativity thrives when people work together on a team.

To meet the aim and destination, AVAPTECH SOLUTIONS encourages employees to work in a team environment and get along well with people. We implemented a system to help, and organize the communication between our employees to enhance the company’s productivity as a team, which led to in time completion of tasks.

We believe in strategies that help in improving teamwork are: Build up trust and respect; clearly outline roles and responsibilities, Mediate conflict quickly and efficiently, Set defined goals, Cultivate open communication, Allow team members to actively take part, Use a task management software, Give frequent feedback, Take time to celebrate.
Teamwork is recognized because of the cooperative effort of a team to attain a novel goal or to complete any task within the economical approach.

Technical Competence

Technical Competencies commonly related to the effective use of IT systems and computers, or any hard skills necessary role for a task to be completed.

In AVAPTECH SOLUTIONS we always focus on the key competencies like Teamwork, Responsibility, Commitment to career, Commercial awareness, Career motivation, Decision making, Communication, Leadership qualities, Trustworthiness & Ethics, Results Orientation, and Problem Solving Organizational skills.

We focus on Technical Competencies of employees to deliver any task accurately, efficiently, and within the allotted time. Skills are undoubtedly important but competencies will play great role in assessing the capabilities of existing employees that is where competencies come in.

Avaptech Advantage

The advantage or positive aspects or strengths plays a vital role in the growth of any organization. AVAPTECH SOLUTIONS is situated at the fast-growing IT hub of India Chandigarh.

There are a great number of advantages, which are the necessities of any software development company. The advantages to work with Avaptech solutions is that you will experience working in a great environment with highly qualified, skilled, and experienced persons.  You will find the best solution for your queries.

Company’s Customer relationship management helps you in easily communicate and feedback of your queries.

Web Development

Web Development

Website Designing and Development has been going through tremendous changes to take care of the users requirements.



Clear communication and updates are very important for transparency, visibility to focusing on progress.

UI and UX Designers

UI and UX Designers

Usability is the key to success. We at Avaptech, provide with excellence high quality UI and UX designs.


Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Local project managers & offshore development will reduce costs and enhance the production cycle.



A team of excellent experienced developers/designers, engineers trained on new technologies and project management.



Team work is very important to change good ideas into reality. We are committed to deliver the best services and solutions.

Our projects are completed to use these tools.

Web Design Tools

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Coreldraw
  • Illustrator
  • Flash

Web Languages

  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS


  • SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • MS-Access

Web Tools

  • Dreamweaver
  • Macromedia Flash