Professional Training in Web Designing


Web design is covering many different skills and disciplines that are used in the production and maintenance of websites. You need to create professional websites quickly and easily. The course materials include the Tips and Tricks tutorials to create a website quickly and easily.

Web Design Course Details

Introduction and Fundamentals of web Designing

»  Fundamentals of web page creation
»  Rules of website design
»  Browsers support, w3c recommendations and Design
»  Server side language and scripting

Software covers for web design courses & training

»  HTML 5 DOCTYPE detail
»  Meta cherset encoding
»  Script & link tag
»  New attributes

Session 1 : Introduction of Graphics softwares & Web page Creation

»  New tags in HTML 5 for simple documentation
»  Making of simple website with these tags
»  Brief introduction of HTML & CSS
»  Advance use of figure tag with caption

Session 2 : HTML & CSS

»  Trigger events with examples
»  Deprecated tags in HTML5
»  New form attributes and elements

Session 3 : HTML5 & CSS3

»  SVG Graphics
»  Difference between SVG & Canvas
»  SVG Rectangle
»  SVG Circle
»  SVG line
»  SVG Ellipse
»  SVG Path
»  SVG Text
»  SVG Text on Path
»  SVG Polygon
»  SVG Polyline
»  SVG Linear Gradient
»  SVG Radial Gradient
»  SVG Gradient Transform
»  Uses of graphical software to get SVG path points
»  SVG with responsive use
»  SVG code creation with graphical software

Session 4: PHP Mysql

»  HTML 5 DOCTYPE detail
»  Meta cherset encoding
»  Script & link tag
»  New attributes