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1. The gate which is used to reverse the output obtained is:-
2. In solid inter-atomic forces are
3. .“A” invests a sum of Rs. 4000 in a bank which gives a simple interest of 10% per annum. “B” invests Rs. 3000 in a private financial company which gives him a compound interest of 12% per annum, compounded annually. If both keep the sum in the bank and with the company respectively for 3 years, who gets a higher interest?
4. The waves produced by a motorboat sailing in water are
5. The colour of Cr2 in acidic medium is ____.
6. What is the remainder when 2x3-5x2+8x-9 is divided by x+1.
7. First law of thermodynamics correspond to
8. What is the digit that comes immediately before zeros in 40 to the power 24?
9. I have seen alone.One should optimistic in life.(pick up the correct adverb).
10. Today is Monday. After 61 days, it will be ...

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