You are welcome to participate in the Super 60. You are lucky to get a chance to avail the opportunity of becoming the part of SUPER 60 through this Entrance Exam.

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1. Equimolar solution in the same solvent have:-
2. Find conjugate of -7-3i
3. Modulus of 2(3+4i) is
4. What is the digit that comes immediately before zeros in 40 to the power 24?
5. Evaluate Integral of x2 +2x, if upper limit and lower limit are 2 and 0 respectively
6. What is the formula of Gravitational potential energy?
7. Choose correct idiom/phrase :
73.1) “Above board”
8. If North-West becomes West, South-East becomes East, North-East becomes North and all the directions are changed in the same manner, then what direction will become South?
9. Choose the correct conjunction to join the given sentence:
74.1) They won the war. It cost them millions of lives.
10. If 42x = 4-6 then what is the value of x ?

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