Multilevel Marketing (MLM), Several Level Marketing (SLM) is the key element of program promotion advertisements. These applications generally ensure that on the off chance that you join as an organization, you will secure pay – from both i.e. pay of projects item and those of other individuals you attract to be an element of an association. MLM is brief for Multilevel Marketing, in this program it is expected that the purpose of income is not only to sort out the item as well as to attract others to set up the stock, which will attract others. Each and every association gets part of the offer installment paid by his/her workers, and a component of the salary obtained by all pay members underneath him/her in the pay plan. This is also called multilevel Promotion, matrix advertising, and so on.

AVAPTECH MLM programming has functions to decide things from which the promotion business is doing organization for MLM program licenses to decide the commission payment transaction package and generates commission rate payment transaction deal opinions. Complete downlinks can be found in a plant point of view by our Online MLM site by the accomplices. All customers can have accessibility into a system and they can view or adjust their down-link. Every individual will obtain their own customized individual duplicating site, with a course of action of their system, down-link, reimbursement, and suggestions.

Admin control panel features

  • Secure Login/logout option
  • Forget password option
  • Password change option
  • Admin Welcome page
  • Add other admin user & give limitation facility for admin control panel
  • Statics of all active user, used/unused pin status
  • Payout details
  • Hold pins/Delete Pins
  • Check Pin staus whether it is used or unused
  • New Pin generation option in a range
  • Post messages to single or all members
  • View message from members
  • Admin can add/modify/delete news/events/message
  • Facility to go in the member control panel
  • Add/edit/delete member a/c’s
  • Add/Edit/Delete facility for Product
  • Add/Edit/Delete facility for category/subcategory
  • Facility to generate payout on a weekly/monthly basis
  • Facility to check Commission chart
  • Facility to check Geneology of any member

Member Control panel

  • Secure Login/logout option
  • Forget password option
  • Password change option
  • Welcome page
  • Statics of all downline member details
  • Statics of all type of level income
  • Modify his personal details
  • Commission chart
  • View Geneology
  • Post message to the admin and all other members


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