Course Structure


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The course totally covers the fundamentals of programming within the “C” artificial language and demonstrates basic programming techniques, customs, and vocabulary together with the most common library functions and also the usage of the preprocessor.

C is an arranged, step-by-step development terminology. It is commonly used both for OS and program improvements. Many editions of UNIX based techniques are published in C terminology. It’s being quickly changed by C++, a superset of the C terminology that uses an entirely different set of development principles, and by Java, a terminology just like but easier than C++, that is developed for use in allocated techniques.

C could be a powerful general-purpose artificial language used for making a large kind of system programs and applications. C++ developed as Associate in Nursing extended version of C artificial language, is one in all the foremost most well-liked programming languages amongst package programmers. It will be used on a broad vary of hardware and software platforms. This intermediate-level language offers imperative, object-oriented, and generic programming options.

Data structure could be a specific technique of storing and organizing system information so as to use it expeditiously. Massive amounts of information as well as net compartmentalization services and huge databases will be expeditiously managed with the implementation of information structures. It conjointly includes a major role to play in planning economical algorithms and system package programs.


»  What is C/C++?
»  Why C/C++?
»  C and C++
»  Exception Handling
»  Object Oriented Programming
»  Standard Template Library

C Basics

»  Programming Languages
»  Execution of C Program
»  Header Files
»  Variables, Data types, Operators


»  Conditionals
»  The if statement
»  The? Operator
»  The switch Statement

Looping and Iteration

»  The for statement
»  The while statement
»  The do-while statement
»  Break and continue

Arrays and Strings

»  Defining, initializing and using arrays
»  Single and Multi-dimensional Arrays
»  Arrays of Characters and Strings
»  Arrays and pointers
»  Strings

Functions, Pointers

»  Role of Functions
»  Passing arguments to functions
»  Returning values from functions
»  Recursive functions
»  Call back functions
»  Implications on Stack
»  Pass by value / reference
»  Passing Arrays to functions

Structures and Unions

»  Structures
»  Nested Structures
»  Array of Structures
»  Allocation of memory and holes
»  Unions
»  Bit Fields
»  Preprocessor Directives
»  File Handling

Classes and Objects

»  Introduction
»  Structures and Classes
»  Class specification
»  Class objects
»  Class, Objects and memory resources
»  Accessing class members
»  Defining Member Functions
»  Outside member functions as inline
»  Accessing member functions with in class
»  Data Hiding
»  Passing Objects as arguments

Constructors and Destructors

»  Introduction
»  Need of the Constructor
»  Parametrized constructor
»  Constructor overloading
»  Constructor with default arguments
»  Name less objects
»  Copy constructors
»  New and delete operators
»  Dynamic initialization through constructors


»  Introduction
»  Derived class declaration
»  Forms of inheritance
»  Member Accessibility
»  Constructors in derived classes
»  Overloaded Member functions
»  Abstract classes
»  Multilevel Inheritance
»  Multiple Inheritances
»  Hierarchical Inheritance
»  Multipath Inheritance
»  Virtual Base Class
»  Hybrid Inheritance

Virtual Functions & Polymorphism

»  Introduction
»  Need for virtual functions
»  Pointers of derived class objects
»  Definitions of Virtual Functions
»  Pure Virtual Functions
»  Dynamic Binding
»  Rules For virtual functions


»  Introduction
»  Function Templates
»  Overloaded Function Templates
»  Multiple Argument Function Templates
»  Class Templates
»  Class Templates with overloaded operators

Exception Handling

»  Introduction
»  Error Handling
»  Exception Handling
»  Try, throw, catch
»  List of Exceptions
»  Specified, Unspecified exceptions
»  Handling Uncaught Exceptions

Streams Computation With console

»  What are streams?
»  Console Streams
»  Unformatted, Formatted Console O/P

Manipulating Strings

»  Creating(string) objects
»  Manipulating String Objects
»  Relational Operations
»  String Characteristics

Object-Oriented Systems Development

»  Procedure-Oriented Development Tools
»  Object-Oriented Notations and Graphs
»  Steps in Object-Oriented Analysis
»  Steps in Object-Oriented Design
»  Implementation