Course Structure


Windows is a server-side scripting structure that is used to make highly effective and entertaining Web programs. web page is an HTML web page that contains server-side programs that are prepared by a web hosting server before being sent to the customer’s web browser. You can incorporate ASP with Extensible Mark-up Terminology (XML) and Hypertext Mark-up Terminology (HTML) to make highly effective entertaining Web websites. programming is more “compact” than ASP code; the programs needed to execute a given operation are reduced in than they are in ASP. As the server-side program is making a frequent HTML web page, it can be provided to any web browser. is a very highly effective language to develop highly effective websites.

As an object-oriented language, C# supports the concepts of encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism. All variables and methods, including the Main method, the application’s entry point, are encapsulated within class definitions. In addition to these basic object-oriented principles, C# makes it easy to develop software components through several innovative language constructs, including the following:

  • Encapsulated method signatures called delegates, which enable type-safe event notifications.
  • Properties, which serve as accessors for private member variables.
  • Attributes, which provide declarative metadata about types at run time.
  • Inline XML documentation comments.
  • Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) which provides built-in query capabilities across a variety of data sources.

.NET TECHNOLOGY Cources Contents Are

»  .NET Architecture
»  .NET Tools
»  Databound Controls
»  Microsoft Application Block
»  State Management Techniques
»  Master Pages
»  Javascript
»  Jquery
»  Assemblies
»  Web User Control
»  Window Mobile Application Development
»  Application Development For Mobile Browsers
»  Security
»  Cookies
»  Linq and PLinq
»  System Namespace
»  Web Services
»  Silver Light / WPF
»  SharePoint Server 2008
»  URL Routing
»  Software Development
»  Creating Server Pages

C# Sharp Cources Contents Are

»  Variable & Data types.
»  Control Statements.
»  Auto boxing, Arrays, Operators
»  Object-Oriented Programming
»  Inheritance and Polymorphism
»  OOP in C#
»  Garbage Collection
»  Method Overloading, Overriding
»  Web Forms
»  MenuStrip, ToolbarStrip
»  Creating and Managing Threads
»  Thread Synchronization
»  Working with Connection, Command
»  Methods and data in a single class
»  Class Fundamentals
»  Using Objects
»  Delegates and Events
»  Abstract classes
»  Partial classes
»  Control statements
»  Collections
»  Events Handling
»  Boxing Unboxing
»  Jagged Array
»  Indexers
»  Exceptions